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Microsoft has confirmed that OneDrive user that currently have the 10GB of free cloud storage space as a "Loyalty Bonus " will be able to keep it.
The email (pictured) states that Microsoft will reduce the free storage amount to 5GB, and kill off the 15GB camera roll bonus, on July 27.
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Video gaming machines in illinois I don't think that it is OK. Microsoft updates Cortana for Android with improved notifications settings. Therefore I'll do my very best to spread the news to all people, that microsoft doesn't care about promises and contracts and at least not about their customers' needs and feelings. I've cleaned out my one drive and I'll be using other products. Shouldn't that be private? Learn more about OneDrive. How to free bonus onedrive the free OneDrive storage Microsoft is about to take away.
Dolphin quest bermuda discounts But despite those concessions, Microsoft said it would press ahead with its planned changes, and today, it emailed those remaining customers who missed its deadline to retain the larger storage amounts. Since you decided to post your promotion on "Microsoft Blogs" that nobody pays attention to, rather than sending everyone an email, you have an uproar of extremely loyal windows phones myself included. I use onedrive alot. Can't keep track of. Wikileaks is 'very happy' about free bonus onedrive news: Julian Assange. Sign in with Google. If microsoft want to reduce its space so free bonus onedrive first he provide more space.
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free bonus onedrive How to get 200 GB FREE OneDrive storage! (Without living in US) Free bonus onedrive like a cat and mouse game, now you get it, now you don't, now jump, now run around in circles. Feature Suggestions for Microsoft OneDrive. I want to be able to redeem my points for more storage. I'm seeing all three formats on opening day. Are you serious about challenging Super jakes and Google? From cloud to TV. MS have just made a useful tool less useful by reducing the free storage. march brackets basketball yahoo