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When books, movies and TV shows don't go far enough to inspire unique baby names, some parents are turning to a popular app.
Jackson is a common surname of English and Scottish origin. It literally means " son of Jack". In 1980 Jackson was the 24th most popular surname in England  Region of origin ‎: ‎England and Scotland.
Meaning of the name Jackson: Transferred use of the surname which originated in 14th century England as a patronymic meaning. Jackson (name) Grey's Anatomy 13x01 “Undo” Her Name is Harriet April Jackson Baby Season 13 Episode 1

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If a I meet another kid below the Mason Dixon line named "Jackson", I think I am going to puke... These are fairly recognizable names, but a little bit more on the unusual side, which parents like, Murray pointed out. The Jackson family of singers: Michael, Janet, Jermaine, etc. Home Family Trees Search DNA Help Extras. Thank you everyone for your input! Stonewall Jackson , American Civil War general. Show me more names similar to Jackson. Names do not have gender. I know a Sundial St. Pete named Mariah Anne Jackson, it is her second middle. Find Groups Near Jackson (name). I've only ever met one Jackson in my life so far. I love it, but I'm not alone unfournately and it's getting too popular fast. for mac