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Super Keno is a video keno variation found on some machines that support multiple games. The rules are the same as regular keno, except if.
Play Super Keno at Win big in this classic game with the chance to win up to 1 Million Slingo Coins. Play for free at super keno games Gambling Gurus is an independent 'information only site' that is free of any gaming operator's control. Many keno players prefer to gamble conservatively and they will pick a fewer number of keno spots in hope that their small selection of spots will be dropped for a nice win. Super keno games will then have to find how many of your selected numbers match those drawn by the casino, which will determine if you have top ten game for mobile, and how big of win you have managed to get, if any. Back to the Arcade. In fact, it is exactly the same as Fire Power Keno and the only difference with Power Keno is whether the multiplier ball is first or last to be drawn. Pot of gold video gaming machine

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We can call them super keno tips or even strategies. Statistics have shown that numbers within this range have the best winning chances. If you like this game, try:. But rest assured that the strategies you see here will help you win with this game. Real Life Casinos These Games Managed To Break Out! As you will realize, this game offers one special feature that makes it truly deserving of its barefaced name. halloween costume