how does keno multiplier work

Learn how to play and win KENO from the Ohio Lottery. Play every 4 1X Booster does not boost a player's winnings. The Booster Booster Multiplier, Odds.
(For example, if you win $27 on Keno and the multiplier for that game is 10, . maximum prize does not apply when Keno Plus game option is added.
Does this look right to you? Pay Table Per the official Keno rules, the overall odds of a Multiplier being 2x or greater are 1 in The. how does keno multiplier work Superball Keno Number Strategies & Combinations A computer driven random number generator will select the winning. Find out more about:. Match only the Bulls-Eye number drawn without any other KENO! Check My Tickets Watch the drawings! Players who play Double Bulls-Eye will win cash when they match either the red or green Bulls-Eye number and even more cash when they match both the Bulls-Eye numbers for Double Bulls-Eye! You win for the drawing you played if your numbers match those drawn as listed in the prize chart. Watch the latest draw. car logo casinos